Loris Dogana

Like many children, he had a childhood. Like many children, he grew up and became an adult. Like many adults, he wants to return a child. He graduated the art institute and draws on every surface, it doesn’t matter if it’s Skin, Paper or a wall. He likes to say that his drawings are poems in pictures. He likes to say also that Magritte, Klimt and Gong Xian are his teachers, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Everyone asks him why he draws men with their heads replaced by objects, but no one asks why he draws objects with men stuck on. To know the time of the death of Loris Dogana, please kindly wait. 

Smile, digital illustration
So close so far, digital illustration
Opportunity, digital illustration

“Objects speak to us, they tell how we are and what we desire, we speak through them and we fill them with our history. Our Stories are nothing but jokes, filled of little tragedies that reveal our incompleteness and fragility, our determination and goofyness: these are our stories, and there’s no reason to be ashamed of them.”

Heart of glass – In vitro, double layered print
A sip of sky – In vitro, double layered print
Handle with care – In vitro, double layered print

The In Vitro are an experiment about the game of perception.
“We always feel split between reason and emotion, brain and heart, like parallel universes. Our main effort is to find a balance to see the whole picture” .The black lines of reason meet the color of the emotion only when the viewer overlaps them.

Inside, ink on paper
Seed of clouds – Seed of rain, ink on paper
Dream big/Burnout, ink on paper

Surrealism is always a big component of Loris’ work. He likes to dissect the complexity of life like a Laboratory Analysis reveals the components of a molecule. He likes to see his illustrations as staged tragicomedies for objects, often performed by tiny humans.

Fantachess – The Rabbit, ink on paper
Fantachess – The Dachshund, ink on paper
Fantachess – The penguin, ink on paper

Giraffes, penguins, dogs, lions become pawns in the world of Fanta-chess where the artist creates animal-like chess pieces and invents for each of them special moves. Being also a tattoo artist, Loris’ biggest dream is to tattoo all the pieces on different people and have them play in a surreal Fanta-match. 

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