Rana Ashraf

Self-taught visual artist, Rana Ashraf moves between illustration, text-work and analogue photography. Her work has been exhibited in two biennials in 2018: Dak’Art – Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain in Dakar, Senegal and Something Else OFF Biennial Cairo in Cairo, Egypt. In 2019 she received a grant from the Doha film Institute to realise her first animated film. Rana is also an amateur poet, a performer and an aspiring filmmaker and writer. She formally studied public governance and is currently working in a community development project for refugees in Egypt. 

Somewhere inside I am always asleep, digital illustration
Somewhere Inside I am always very awake, digital illustration
Self Recreation, digital illustration
This Person, digital illustration
Higher Self, digital illustration
Self Branding, Digital Illustration

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