Guy Kouekam

Guy Kouekam is a Cameroonian multidisciplinary artist based in Douala. Former graphic designer, he recently started to share his paintings and digital illustrations online and we can’t be more glad he did it.

His work bursts with bold colours and flamboyant patterns with an urban edge. He is able to melt together forms and symbols from the tradition with modern colours and compositions.

“I’m a dreamer, my art (street art, digital art and painting) is a vision, my vision of the world as I want it to be: a mix of cultures and people who are more than just races. A world where we dare to believe and we can achieve whatever we are dreaming of. Most of my creation plays with portraits, patterns and messages to express this vision.”

Guy Kouekam celebrates the beauty of Africa, from its people to its environment and traditions. He aims to overcome the stereotypes about Africa through his work, by providing a point of view from the inside.

Photography, fashion, design and fine art find a point of collision in Guy’s work. He is able to draw inspiration from everything that surrounds him, but also from his personal dreams and visions. He experiments with different techniques and supports and his creativity seems just limitless.

God is a Black Woman. Courtesy of the Artist
NOIRE. Courtesy of the Artist
M A N I S I E. Courtesy of the Artist
TRIBE. Courtesy of the Artist
Dear Malick Sidibe’. Courtesy of the artist
KEMIT. Courtesy of the artist

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