Troublemakers – Group Show

The exhibition “Troublemakers” analyses the role of artists in society. Thanks to their disruptive and groundbreaking imagination, artists have the power to inspire people and foster social progress. The group show gathers together both local and international emerging artists aiming to trigger a dialogue between cultures and engage the audience. Every exhibited artist shows a personal poetic and technique that will make the viewers reflects on specific aspects of life.

South African artist and illustrator Naledi Modupi explores the power of representation and celebrates the beauty of black women through colourful portraits. Local artist Jack Hardy focuses on the absurd in life through his ironic visual poetry. Egyptian self taught illustrator Rana Ashraf brings to the surface the struggle we all experience living with ourselves. Brightonian silversmith This is Pretty Ugly presents a collection of animal like silver rings that symbolise marginalisation and aim to empower the wearer in their daily fight. London based illustrator Naomi Vona (a.k.a Mariko Koda) gives a new life to vintage photos reimagining the stories behind them and opening colourful time travel portals. Illustrator and tattoo artist Loris Dogana stages tragicomedies for objects performed by tiny humans to remind us the finiteness of our kind and the most surreal aspects of life. Brighton based Siu Man Wu explores the entanglement of the body and matter, which embodies human-non-human; and political identity in relation to society. Artist Enzo Marra’s imagery is marked by a distinct immediacy and a figuratively derived world that lives through his painted, drawn and sculpted works.

The exhibition will run in the framework of The Artists Open Houses Winter Festival and will inaugurate on Saturday 27 November at 10 a.m.

Naomi Vona
Naledi Modupi
Siu Man Wu
Loris Dogana
Rana Ashraf
Jack Hardy
Enzo Marra
This is Pretty Ugly

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