Georgia Hodierne

‘If Bigfoot Was a Lady’ explores the relationship with language, gender, and narrative. This work focuses on the myth and legend of Bigfoot, a character we have seen depicted across popular culture, This artwork plays with the gender and gender presentation of  Bigfoot, a creature primarily represented as being masculine and or male. This work flips the narrative of Bigfoot on its head and is portrayed as a masculine creature that lives in solitude, and in hiding. Instead, what if she was a creature that looks for familiarity with those who question if she’s ‘real’. 

Georgia is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice specialises in creating sculptures and photographic images that use wood, paper, ceramics, and found objects. She currently plays with the relationship between image and language. Georgia takes inspiration from wordplay, idioms, commonly used phrases, and narratives found in popular culture. She responds to these by depicting her own literal interpretations that stem from her critical and literal gaze on the world.

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