Isha McCulloch

As a visual artist, my mission is to use creative practices to guide and inspire people in particular those who have experienced mental health challenges to live more creatively enriched lives. 

My work is a celebration of my Caribbean identity and the black experience. Through portraiture, interviews, restoration and research with relatives; I explore memory and relationships within the family unit.

I find it interesting some of the thematic similarities of family. The paths we walk, and the decisions we make. The generational continuities in fashion or locale. Our laughs or the way we hold our children and the stories we may tell them.

So far in my artistic endeavours, I have interacted with art practices such as sketching, sculpting, crafts and photography. I think alternative arts processes and methods can be really fun and interesting, especially through workshops. I hope to explore many more throughout my practice.

I have taken part in a couple of student/graduate exhibitions and had the opportunity to facilitate workshops using photography and crafts. 

As a developing aim, I wish to guide participants to develop personal therapeutic practices, to support themselves to maintain positive activities and artwork. I want to develop my practice with explorative research and experimental methodologies, allowing me to situate myself within the context I wish to explore. 

The intersectionality between my neurodivergent tendencies and my life experience places me in a position where I can interact with many different groups of people and provide me with a somewhat advantageous view in which I approach projects, tasks and daily activities.

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