Jason Keehn

Entirely self taught and based in Brighton, surrealism artist Jason Keehn is pushing the boundaries of what a humble lead pencil can achieve. Having recently emerged into the world of fine art, Keehn explores imaginative themes in his large-scale hyperrealist graphite works.

Having exhibited internationally, Keehn is devoted to bringing his works into the eyes of those more local. With perfection as a fundamental aspect of hyperrealism: a sense of sleek precision is kept at the core of his practice. With the artist relishing in the opportunities to deviate from this rule; from the distinct relationship between the dappled, ripped, and raw edge of the virgin paper below, to the crisp, graphite leaden straightedges that border each piece.

Keehn’s works, while seemingly surreal, explore the innate feelings and emotions that humans are both blessed and cursed with. A common theme in his works is the inclusion of a rich, dark background that has been coined the ‘blackground’. Taking inspiration from the troubles and the thoughts of not only himself but those that he surrounds himself with. It only takes a momentary closer look to reveal that each piece is embedded with its very own narrative. From the concepts of long lost acquaintances who now live worlds apart, to the eradication of oneself due to the never ending thirst for more.

Keehn’s works, while stylishly simplistic in composition, are, upon closer inspection, a rich tapestry of details and careful marks. There is always something more to be seen.

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