Spring Break – Group Show

The exhibition “Spring Break” presents, for the first time at Metropolis, artists Mahmoud ElHadary, Zach Murray, and new works by Jack Hardy.

Mahmoud ElHadary tells story about migration, sea, abandonment and community. With striking brushstrokes and a vibrant palette, Mahmoud is able to tackle one of the greatest emergency of our time with an heavy simplicity. His works are often composed of two parts: the crowd and the void. The crowd is the portraiture of displaced populations in the act of migrating, whereas the void is the representation of the sea – both a promise and a threat – as much as the representation of the tragedy itself.

Zach Murray brings the viewers to parallel dimensions where sci-fi, surrealism and afro-futurism are blended together in new digital narratives. He is able to create multi-cultural worlds where multiple influences, from heritage to fashion, from natural landscapes to architectures, inject the artworks with different layers of meaning. His images burst with bright colours and patterns and concealed a specific symbolism rooted in our trans-national heritage.

Jack Hardy‘s new body of work brings his surrealistic approach  to a new level. The biggest canvases are dedicated to music and visual poetry whereas his work on paper present the portraits of archetypal figures who resemble clay sculptures and primitive forms.

Zach Murray
Mahmoud ElHadary
Jack Hardy

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