Zach Murray

A self-taught multi media artist, Zach Murray designs 2D digital collages, scenes, animations and music videos. His main themes of interest are science fantasy, surrealism and afro-centric fantasy.

He spent most of his early adult life in supply chain management, nurturing his creativity and producing his artworks as a spare time activity. Following two successful exhibitions, he became a full time creator in July 2021.

Artist Statement

Through my art practice I create images that belong to other worlds and dimensions. Inspired by Science-Fiction, Surrealism and Afro-futurism, I entice the viewer through dreamlike scenes and divine figures that become an expedient to reflect on our multicultural yet fragmented society.My digital collages are the result of a specific process that starts with selecting and shooting images, objects, people and fabrics. The multilayered composition is created digitally but it keeps the textures and grains of the original photographed objects, thus adding volume to the 2D image.  I experiment with animations that I mint as NFTs and I also produce music contents. The digital environment is my preferred media to create and deliver art. Technology is in constant evolution and being a digital artist is a never-ending challenge that put me at the centre of the artistic Avantgarde. Working with NFTs connected me with a growing creative community allowing me to share my creations with a broader audience. Art is for me an inner research towards self discovery and self development, but it is also my personal way to communicate with the outer world.

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